The basic principle of the tooth treatment is their preservation. A beautiful tooth – it a healthy tooth foremost. However, caries, which affected by almost 100% of damages the health of teeth.

As is generally known, sweets lovers are more frequent suffer a caries, and also those, who are paying insufficient attention to the oral hygiene. However even a tidy persons develop caries frequently. Reason of it can be a lack of fluorine in the enamels of teeth or wrong bite. Exposure to caries could be transmitted by inheritance. However, there are more than three hundred theories, explaining appearance of caries. And only two rules, the following which would help to avoid this is the careful oral hygiene and regular visit of stomatology.

Caries destroys tooth enamel, and then adopted for pulp. Developed pulpitis, which could bring trouble, because there is toothache, not giving up at night. If time does not heal pulpitis, it can turn into periodontitis. About periodontitis say when the caries reaches the root, and there are real human suffering. If escape anesthesia and not to go to the dentist, you may lose a tooth.

Another important aspect of dental care - a qualitative treatment of root canals. Modern techniques, including copper hydroxide depoforez calcium enables the pulpless teeth preservation. We will make effective treatment of teeth, and will do their beautiful, will eliminate further destruction, or change in a color.